Thursday, August 9, 2012

The fabric cure...treating the concussion...again

I am going back to Paris...not like Muggs...but in my dreams...Thx to Etsy store, came these...a map of Paris:)
and, a 7 fat eight pack of Je vous en prie.....(You are Welcome in French) and some other words that I do not needed....
So, Muggs have a good time next week in Paris and I will have fun in Charlotte!!  Next comes a bit for my elephant collection:) 
 for my clothespin collection....ok, so I do not have a clothespin collection...hmmm  Gotta start somewhere...:)

 Here is a picture of my sister's big zigzag wedding quilt she is making for a friend...The white part has already been signed by friends of the couple.
 And, a problem for me and a question for you.  Below is the set of new pens that arrived from Amazon today.  The Pentel on the right are permanent fabric markers that I have been eager to try.  But, on the left are the Frixion that I thought I could erase with the iron.  It does not say that on the package, but on Amazon, they were listed as erasable  fabric markers...Help needed.  Are these the right ones, or should I return them..and for which pens...???


Courtney said...

Yes, those are the right pens! Or at least the ones I use. You can use the eraser, but the iron works much better, I guess it is just the heat generated by the friction of erasing?
I'm in love with your Paris map & French fabric. I got the clothespin dolls, too! Love them!

smazoochie said...

My Mother-in-law uses those pens with her embroidery & she says they 'erase' with heat.
J'aime beaucoup ton nouveaux tissues!