Friday, August 24, 2012

The fox is sly and so am I...

Look what I got for the back of my elephant quilt...sly foxes by Aneela perfect.
 I got so excited, that I basted it and started to quilt.  I knew that I could not do freemotion quilting at this time, so I did straight line...nope..couldn't do that headaches in 10 min.  Rested and did it again..more headaches..wouldn't let it only half of it is quilted because finally I had to stop.  
 These are sooo fast and easy with this Cherry House tutorial.  I just cut an extra few to throw in the new HST box.  I never made many of these before...but now I am hooked...look to me whipping them out, until I get bored that least now I have a designated box for UFO:)

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