Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Zigzag needed

This is NOT working.  I am about to put it away for a UFO..where am I going wrong???


Courtney Lyons said...

hmm, it seems like it might work better if the zig zags alternated in light/dark values. So on the top row, it the right hand square had the green & white fabrics in opposite positions it might work better (and the middle square in the second row). If you squint at it, you might see what I mean. I'm not saying get the seam ripper out, just change the layout a little. The first column seems to work really well, but then the second column is identical as far as light/dark values, but because you have a partial zigzag it should be the opposite. Does that make any sense? Not that I have any expertise in this area ; )

Dora, the Quilter said...

I think the key is in having lots and lots of blocks. (How big are these blocks? I've probably seen that somewhere and have just fogotten.)