Monday, August 20, 2012

Upstairs, Downstairs

Mr. O'Quilts is out playing tennis.  The postman just did he know:)  As you know, the upstairs office is on a budget.  I have explained to him that my recovery depends on therapy...fabric therapy.  I also suggested that it is miniscule...mere pittance...compared to the gas I could have been using these past SEVEN weeks.  I always got A's in my logic classes.
 AND, tonight I had the energy to make Mom's meatloaf...I mean..such savings...we did not have to have Monday pizza again this week.
 I have company in the downstairs office...they understand..  
In the sweetest of ways, Mr. O'Quilts mentioned that since I cannot work and this is lasting much longer than we had imagined...that we are now short one income.  It must be that the diplomas in the upstairs office are from a different school than those here in the downstairs office(:

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