Saturday, August 4, 2012

Value poor at the midnight hour

I found these 6 inch square batiks.  I said...great..a no think project.
The mail brought me this stamp for my fabric ink...from Pick your Plum...not bad...gotta practice.. 
 My husband is watching the Olympics and I cannot do the eye strain thing.  So I played with the batik blocks I found.  I wanted the fall look.  I will be slashing it diagonally. 
 I hate this one with the yellow.
I hate this one without the yellow. 
 One more time I cannot figure it out without strain.  So plain as day, not a no think project (at night at least).  Tomorrow another day..huh, Milito..


A Quilter Awakens said...

Oh dear, sound like you are in a mood. Both the batik tops are lovely, and that stamp? Really cool!

Shasta said...

They are beautiful fabrics, and both the combinations are lovely. Maybe you can find a yellow that is in between the two you have used - brighter than the second picture and not as bright as the first one.