Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yellow bird and Thursday

Look what my sister and Mary Pat did last night at quilting for me.  I am so spoiled!! and love it:)
 I am working on this still...trying out different last borders

 I think I may add a bit more of the blue to encompass the yellow bird corners.  Nothing like seeing things online to get a real feel for it.  Opinions are welcome.  And since I am also still experimenting with new blog layouts...opinions there are welcome too:)
I am just back from seeing my mother.  Yesterday I did feel like I turned a corner...6 weeks and 3 days etc. So when no one was looking today, I just got into the car and drove to see her.  It is only 15 min away.  I was symptom free till I got home, but I only stayed 30 min. and I came straight home.

My mother was still in bed at 11, eating her breakfast and chatting with her Hospice social worker..her favorite.  She was in great form.  She told me that there was a new resident who was also named Alice.  How dare that lady have Mom's name!!!  Oh, that is ok, said my mother, I just changed my own name immediately.  I will now be known by my last name of Burt.  But, she said that it was not working out so well.  Because when someone said.."Alice", she jumped and it was the other Alice.  And when they said "Burt" as she requested, my mother said that she forgot to respond at all.  She also said that she forgets that Daddy is dead and gets her feelings hurt that he doesn't come to visit her.  She does not understand why she forgets this when she really knows he has been dead 14 years but just forgets.  And so it far a very grateful day.

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smazoochie said...

So glad you got to visit your Mom, she sounds like so much fun even with her illness.