Thursday, August 30, 2012

Zigzag again...

Tonight I was able to go to the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild meeting...yes!  I took a 2 hour nap, my husband drove me and I sat in the back with my sunglasses on.  I had a wonderful hour seeing friends and being inspired to sew...more.and even more....keep sewing.  So I did.  I came right home and after dinner, I made three more of the Zigzag blocks!!
I am not going to mess around with the placement now because that part makes me crabby, I am just making some blocks.  I have 15 done:)  Now I am on to the next thing.....Amy at Badskirt has a tutorial for the Japanese X block.  I have wanted to try that for awhile, but I have been busy...ha ha...Now, the CMQG is doing this block, for block of the month of September.  I am excited and want to try it tonight.  OK, maybe tomorrow night.


Courtney Lyons said...

You are a machine! Three more?!?
Seriously, so good to see you tonight. I am excited about the x+ block too. I made some for a bee once & loved them. Go get some sleep & stop sewing :)

Julia Wood said...

Oh thanks for the link to the tutorial! I've been wanted to make a Japanese X block quilt, too - didn't know that was the name of if though! :) Maybe that will be my next block-a-day quilt.