Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday's piecing

Some baby quilts need making and  I do not want to do it(:  Working under pressure is not my thing, fun is my thing!!  Last night, cleaning my sewing room was on the agenda.  I did not get too far before finding a baggie with some leftover doggie scraps given to me by my sister.  Top done, sewing room still messy.
 Two zigzags ready for piecing on my small design wall.
The below picture is re-posted for Mary Pat's benefit.


Dora, the Quilter said...

That's interesting. I do consider baby quilts fun--probably because they are smaller than bed quilts.
On the other hand, if I make a baby quilt where I have to do a whole bunch of thread color changes, then that becomes not so fun.
I managed to cut binding for a quilt that has been sitting here since May--then I got side tracked by the post office and a couple of charity sales, so the only sewing I've finished today is sewing the binding strips together. But I did get some things mailed at the post office so I think I'll consider that a major accomplishment!

Debby said...

LOVE the puppy dog quilt!!!! Looks like you are feeling better getting so much done today!!

Diane said...

I love that Snowball quilt with a green background. Is it doll quilt or baby quilt size?