Monday, September 24, 2012

Hear Ye, Hear Ye.....

The world did not stop in the three months I have been injured...a complete shock to the system here!!!  That having been said, the negotiations between the upstairs office and the downstairs office are complete.  My overindulgence will stop.  (after the next shipment from  eeekkkk.  Do let me show you today's big deal.  I am now good friends with my UPS driver...
 Those sales tug at my heart the same way my meatloaf got to Zoey...irresistible.   Next naughty thing injured me did...(they say that for sure you are getting better when you start to milk it...ha ha)  So, like I was saying...the next thing I did was to pretend that I was retired.  The design wall that you see here is in my office...  I am seeing two clients on Wed.  I think I will just test the waters and see if they care...they will not even notice!!
 You would think that my sewing room is enormous for the things discovered there.  It is not big, but it sure is   a mess....therefore, I have found these random batik 6 inch squares leftover from another project.  I cut 6 black and white and 6 yellow for centers and am sewing them together for a future corner cut 9 patch quilt.  When all twelve 9 patches are made, I will put them in a project box and try to finish something else......maybe...I might even label the there will be no future surprise:)
Last night I talked with my mother...or tried to anyway.  My sister was there to answer the phone. My mother would not talk to me...She was mad because I did not come visit.  Tonight Mr. O'Quilts took me to visit.  The worker told me that Queen Alice said that I no longer cared about her and thus she has been abandoned.  Lordy....My mother then told me that it was difficult seeing me looking so good, rested and chatty without thinking that I was not really injured, just not wanting to see her.  I know that along with Parkinson's comes a processing problem...and the stop and go of Parkinsons...sometimes yes and sometimes no.  It is still hard.  Hard for her and hard for me.

Ending on a great note is Adopt a Mimi.  My mother has had a high school volunteer for 3 years.  She comes every Sunday morning at 10, stays for 30 or 40 minutes helping her with her poetry and the computer.  Now she just reads poetry to her.  She formed this awesome organization as part of her school project basing it all on her experience with my mother.  If you click on the link and look at the bottom right hand corner, you will see the first Adopt a Mimi....Alice...that is my mother.  Isn't this a wonderful story!!


Dora, the Quilter said...

I love the idea of Adopt-a-Mimi. (My mother was Mimi to her grandchildren.)
Was wondering if you were still okay (or as okay as it gets).
I love the fabric with the Matroyshka dolls--however, I'd need some to match my doll in purples and pinks.

Debby said...

Your Mom isn't the only one to be cofused by a brain injury. Most people don't understand since you look so normal! I had a heck of a time with my own family at first, I still have to remind them now and again