Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tonight's schpeel...

I told my mother that I was isolated and did not like it at all.  She said, "You should be poor me...my daughter fell down the stairs and cannot visit me"....ha ha ha Mother!!  She asked me to look for old pictures and for old things of hers to send with my sister.  She just wants reminisce a bit.
So, I was cleaning my sewing room, as the same old story goes...and came upon these;
 The pictures are old and they are already printed on fabric.  At least 10 years ago, I had a photo shop do it, before I could myself.  They are a bit on the stiff side, but they will be perfect for my mother.  I cut them to size and framed them with a white border.  Immediately I knew it should have been muslin instead, but the white was cut and I was lazy.
 Maybe putting the grey for a thin next border,  before putting them into blocks will take the glare off.
I went to the physical therapist today.  She said that I am getting better and will have bad days.  I demanded no bad days, but I did not get my way.  She told me that the supposed "swollen glands" I thought I had were really the pulled ligaments and muscles and minuscule whatevers that did not show on MRI or CAT scans..and that it was like whiplash...sigh...she was massaging the neck...really I was afraid that she would pull my head off..but no...I still have it.

On this blog, Blue Nickel Studio, I saw this link..... Downey's clip on Jennifer Paganelli   ...
I thought it was very interesting.

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Debby said...

Your Mom is goping to love this!!