Saturday, September 29, 2012

Clickety Clack:)

Last night I cut these out, after lunch today, I finished them.  The tute came from Fairy Face Designs.  The way I did them before is posted here.  I finished these 10 this afternoon.

 Adding it to the 14 that I already had makes 24!  I had to make more cuz I only had boy ones left really.  Needed a few girl ones and ones for parents to do not want to know the sex yet.
These are even more fun than the tissue holders.  I think that they could not only be used for baby, but for stocking stuffers for grandchildren who visit.  Then they would each know which face cloth was theirs...or they could be stocking stuffers for college kids with the college fabric on the fabric side.  They could be fundraisers.....many possibilities for the holidays...

Marie, Thank you for picking up the facecloths at Marshalls for me!!  

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Debby said...

Love this!! Each one is as cute as the other.