Thursday, November 29, 2012


After doing that four letter word today....R..E..S..T!! and missing my bee outing for Sherry's bday...I felt well enough to go to the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild meeting tonight.  We had a potholder exchange and I got this one...Big thx to it..especially the channel quilting and the hand stitched binding:).  Cat did a great tutorial on reverse my friends at the CMQG.
 Humming along here with the holiday thing and keeping in mind that it is still only November:) ...two more book covers revealed.....

These are so easy to make...the part that I love the most is going thru my button collection for the very best choice:)  I mean, everyone has to love something fun!!  Remember, the tutorial I used was here..adjusted a bit for the SIZE of YOUR books!

I am trying to add this link to my tutorials but I cannot do it right....can anyone help me??

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Karen at Birdsong Cabin said...

How funny, we swapped each others potholders. That one was the one I made. I love my O'Quilts original and proudly showed it off when I got home last night. Thanks so much!!!!

Karen E.