Friday, November 30, 2012

In the holiday spirit!!!!.

I feel in the holiday spirit!!  I am thrilled to have made these composition book covers.
 This button below is a very cool button, but very I put another button under it to raise it up for the loop.
I think that there is truth in the scrap can never use them up.  Though, I must say that in this project, I made a dent.  Everything was scrap....I used scrap cottons, scrap broadcloth  for the backing.  I used the big jar of hair ties that I got several years ago at the dollar store and I used my button collection. See...nothing like the concussion to realize that maybe I did not need to hoard buttons too.  It was much more fun to use them.  The only out of pocket expense was for the composition folders.  My husband picked them up for me during the back to school sales... fifty cents each.  Fifteen composition folders were $7.50 if my math is right.  My kind of present giving while I have the free time to do it.   Hope you are in the holiday spirit too....  

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