Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Is the answer in the candy bag????

Trying a bit to relax after the dentist...no candy left(:  Next best thing??  maybe ....the candy wrappers I have been saving thanks to this post.

 I have never used iron on vinyl before.  My vinyl projects are with the plain vinyl from Walmart.  It was tricky...I got crabby...first try, the heat was too high on my iron, next the candy wrappers wrinkled...but now it is done.  I have another one already cut...then I think that this project is not one to repeat!! Although, I do like the funky look at the end of the day.   Does it ever happen to you...a project that turns out just right makes you sooo happy and one that doesn't makes  you sooo  crabby?????  Mr. O'Quilts is not this way...he has so much more patience than I do....

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Melissa said...

I went to the dentist today, too- all i can say is...at least they have tv's now! Love the pouches- so cute! Also, I become quite crabby when stuff doesn't work out like I imagine. I am a little better about not getting crabby when I have to rip out a seam, but a dud project means that I need to walk away to get perspective! :). You are not alone!