Thursday, November 1, 2012

Loving the done

This picture is from my I-pad.  Gotta get a camera just hate that I dropped it and broke it!!!  I-pad does not have a flash or I cannot find it and had to move the whole thing to the light.  Glad to get a fall top done..just in time for winter:)
 And what to put on the back.  This comfy Kaffe shot cotton that I bought on sale in Asheville a few years back..  You see, best to have a stash...a great big wonderful stash.  Because then, the perfect fabric just shows up in the middle of the night with no shopping needed. 
I am a big fan of Marianne.  We do different kind of quilting, but in some ways we think alike:)  So I have moved quilting things to my office to make more room in my sewing room....including the portable design much fun. (Honey,  no need for you to be reading this now...just have a good, relaxing vacation:)  Quilting is soooo much fun....such good therapy....sigh.....


Bridget said...

I am with you on the necessity of having a good stash. Since I am about 30 miles form my local quilt shop. it's always good to be able to "shop" the stash anytime I want!

Love your autumn quilt. I have a flannel one in the works.

Bridget said...

Whoops. I spelled from wrong.