Sunday, November 18, 2012

SRP, or Sewing room puttering!!

While the Merry Little Breezes are whipping around the yellow leaves on the outside... on our crisp autumn day,  we are toasty inside with chili and cornbread.  Mr. O'Quilts is in his recliner after hours working in the yard, now watching tennis.  And, I  am puttering around the sewing room looking at fabric with new eyes toward notebook covers.  It is very, very fun, especially going thru my buttons...
 Emily...remember this skirt you got in NYC when we went for the college music school auditions??  Your hoarder mother kept it and has now made it into a notebook cover.....hmmmm, as I remember there was not much of it:)
 The ever present obsession with up -cycling things brings us this zippered pouch...with an attitude!  The back is clear vinyl.
 Check out the zipper it at Zipit, my favorite zipper store...

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