Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Happy Day

Yesterday's relaxation in green has led to tonight's funky Christmas tree.
 Yesterday I made the prep and today Mr. O'Quilts did the rest!!  The food was great..evidently we were not the only ones impressed...Himself snapped this here in the yard this morning, one of four deer sniffing around hoping for some of our yummy turkey.  
Not to worry about mother was happy to stay at Sunrise with visits from us throughout the day.   We had ten today at the house with my bro and his wife coming in tomorrow for more feasting and card playing.  I do have to say that this old lady loved the day, but she also loves the calm at the end of the day....Good night to the Thanksgiving of 2012.  Thrilled to be sleeping while others are shopping:)

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Barb said...

Love it!! so fun!!