Sunday, November 11, 2012

Travel Bowl Lid covers...again..

From this tutorial Travel bowl lid comes these.  I also posted others  here.  I use them to take cold dishes to parties and I use them in my own fridge instead of tin foil, etc.  I have them clipped in my pantry with clothes pins and toss them in the wash in between uses.  I love them so, that in the New Year, I am going to make some smaller ones for leftovers.  (any excuse to have fabric everywhere...even in the refrigerator!!!!!)

One is for the exchange at the Quilter's Guild Holiday party...the others are for whatever:)  And, now my room is a mess again.......Lordy...  I just tried to add this to my tutorial list...but oh, no...I could not do it right...better stick to sewing!!

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