Saturday, November 3, 2012

Uncle Kieran's tree

Eleven years ago, Uncle Kieran came across the sea from Galway to visit his relatives in the United States.  He was then 80 years old.  At each place he planted, with the family, a 2 foot Japanese Maple tree.  The next year he died from kidney failure due to diabetes.  Here is our tree least 20 feet high and in its glory in the fall.  Thank you Uncle Kieran... Every time we enjoy this tree...indeed we think of you!
 My finished cuddle quilt under Uncle Kieran's tree....
 With the cool truck backing from IKEA.


Rachaeldaisy said...

That tree is glorious!! And your Cuddle quilt is so fun, its a bit of an ISpy quilt, and cute backing!!

Karmen Sunshine said...

It is good to leave a tangible memory behind. Trees are good for that, and that is a really nice tree. Love your bright quilt! Karmen