Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Eco-Travel Bowl Covers, third time...

Here we go again with one more thank you to Allyson .  Now that my obsession with composition book covers is complete...I think I will move on once more to the bowl or not!!  These are so handy and so green, that I decided to make them in other sizes.  Right now I only have them in the big size on the left...tomorrow I will have one in the smaller sizes too.  How pleased am I that one can learn organization at any age:).  I have made templates on freezer paper so I can just whip them out.  I am keeping these templates in the project box with the lining material......soo very proud of myself.
--- a tiny peek in my fridge with the rest of tonight's homemade stew dinner:)  All ready for hubby's lunch tomorrow..Although I have never tried it in the microwave...not a good idea I think because of the lining..mostly they are for cold dishes...tonight I got lazy and used one anyway.
 I keep these hanging in my pantry on clothes pins..but with more in the making, I think I will just throw them into the dishtowel drawer.  The holiday ones are great presents covering bread or cake or whatever....a plate of cookies...
 A few years back I gifted this to a friend.  This year she made an Irish trifle for my husband for Thanksgiving and she delivered in in a trifle bowl with her gifted cover...isn't that nice.  For her, I had found her initials at Hobby perfect....and the shamrock fabric.
I have to record what I am doing on my blog here...lest I forget someday.....later, I hope.

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Melissa said...

These are great- and green! I feel guilty every time I throw out plastic wrap/ foil.