Friday, December 28, 2012

Moving right along....

So, my girl is on the plane, her suitcases filled to the brim with my love and my FABRIC:)  We had the best time ever!! Thought that I would adjust to all that today, by using up a saved produce bag...asparagus...I think....  Put in a Velcro closure and added some vintage rick-rack from Auntie Eileen's estate sale!  So I am moving right along here..

A link.....Thank u Cathy....This is hilarious...

Then too, I am thinking of 2012 and 2013.  What did I accomplish in 2012??  Well, I have it all documented here on my blog...However, I do NOT see; a finished or started basket quilt from my collected Civil War fabrics,  nor do I see a finished political medallion quilt.  Where is the finished Zigzag, or the London Olympic quilt??  The Swedish flag quilt or my 3 year old Grandson's Dr. Seuss quilt???  Granny Square is started, Christmas trees are started and I have three project boxes of "made" fabric from scraps.  What about that Giant Snowball from my African fabrics that I planned to put in the March show?  If I list the rest, the post will be too long.  So do I continue to do what I want, like random potholders from memorabilia??  Or do I finish up what I started?  Ha Ha...Time will tell and it is not 2013 quite yet:) 

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smazoochie said...

I know you are missing your girl. Good to channel that energy to make something. (so wonderful you share with your daughter the love of sewing)
You had lots of finishes this year -- you just gave them all away! And then there were those annoying health issues.
Here's to a Helathy & Productive 2013 for Mrs. O'Quilts!