Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Joy of Gifting!

One of the benefits of this cursed, ongoing concussion ...is that while I still cannot do somethings, in the quiet of my sewing room, I can still create.  I can make things for people I love and friends who have given me such great support.  These travel pillows I got at Bed, Bath and Beyond with my coupon...so much easier than making a pillow and just the right size.  Covered with pretty or seasonal fabric...a wonderful gift.  My mother has tons to keep her supported as she tends to twist and bend in her wheelchair with her Parkinson's.
 These will be gifted tomorrow when I get my hair cut.
 And who gives me such loving support, day and night and only requires food????  My Milito...enjoying an empty Christmas box!
 And of course, Tigger...Emily's cat from college that for nine years has somehow ended up here, instead of still in Pittsburgh!!! Now Tigger knows full well that I just washed this quilt to hang for Christmas...Guess he feels that a quilt without cat hair is hardly a celebration!

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YankeeQuilter said...

couldn't help but notice your bottle-tree!!! love it!