Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Quilt and a Quandary

This hospital quilt is done.  I did the circles one each morning and one each night to stave off the dizziness.
Now, I am finished with free motion quilting for awhile to get my bearings back.  Had to finish this up with the walking foot.
 Now the quandary!!!  What is a scrap and what is a project begging to be started??  How big is a scrap that is to be kept??  What to  do about all this mess with 2 inch squares and orphan patches.  One side of the table is many possible quilts are there here, on this side of the table???
 I am totally overwhelmed.  But if I start with new projects for each orphan or snippet possibility, I will never touch my awesome stash... 
 Or is this the size a scrap should be????  I have half a mind to just cut pieces like this into strips for strip quilts...  Just typing this drives me batty.


eva said...

i have a similar dilemma. i however have mine in bins.....sorted-sort-of. i think when it gets to me, i'm just going to take the orphans and sew strips around them (log cabin-ish style) to make them all, say 12" squares, and then build a quilt top from the 12" squares.

does that make sense?

i too wonder where the defining factor is between a scrap or a small piece of fabric. hahahahha i suppose it matters how frugal each of us is?????

all the best, Happy New Year!!!!

Debby said...

I feel your pain!! I have started sorting some things into a box of 2 1/2 inch squares to use for Granny square blocks. I am addicted to the durn things. Easy and sweet to sew when I don't have time to work on a big project

Melissa said...

I save embarassingly small scraps. I found a huge egg basket thing (at the GW!) and I still have some room before it's full! Then, I need to do something with it- I guess! Pieces big enough to be folded are just crammed in the stash! :)