Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day and Night..

Happy 28th birthday to my son!!  Where did the time go??  
Today I was totally exhausted from two days with my grandchildren..My daughter-in-law's mother is dying so the family was needed at the hospital.  The children were wonderful, but they are still  2 and 3 and 7 and I am not... I needed a great big nap!!
Then, off I went to the new Salvation Army store.  I found this adorable hand knit sweater for my granddaughter for St. Paddy's Day...It was new!! And, it was $3.99...wonderful, until I got to the cashier who announced that all clothes were 50% off on Wednesdays!!!...A $2 sweater for my dear girl and a big smile on my face.

Tonight Dolores showed up with her very first quilt top.  She used her daughter's Irish Dance T-shirts for a surprise present.  She and her husband took turns sewing it together...Soooo  proud of Dolores and Steve!
 My clever sister is making a quilt for a co-worker..Little dresses saved for 50 years..appliqued on blocks getting ready for the cutest quilt ever. 
 And that is the way today went down....almost perfect!

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