Sunday, January 20, 2013

Humming along...

Yesterday I went to the Guild Sit and Sew...a wonderful new spot, a fun time...almost 30 quilters were there sewing and talking away!!  I finished two Sunshine tops and put the corners on these four patches that had been sitting around my sewing room forever.  Now I am squaring them up and getting done with this UFO.
I am just back from visiting with my amazing mother.  When I first arrived, she was all dressed, but in the bed...eyes closed, hands folded on her chest...hmmmm...not a good sign.  I said..Mom...what is wrong..She opened one eye and said...nothing dear...I am just vintage...  Ha husband joked...she was practicing!

Lordy. She is a piece of work...Her mind comes back most of the time now that she is eating again...That Parkinson's I will never understand.  I am grateful for our lovely laughing visit.  I left her eating chocolate cookies.

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Diane said...

So glad your mom is doing better. Thought these blocks might be for your red, white and blue medallion quilt.