Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I listen to Sherry!!

Sherry is brilliant..she is also young and pretty...but I love her for her brilliance and her friendship.  She fixed my 70 year old fudge pan handle when the local hardware store could not.  She fixed my 80 year old Christmas lights.  And, she is a good driver.  She made her own long arm from some used kit...OMG...So when I sewed up and ruined my expensive Super Slider for freemotion quilting...I listened to Sherry.
 She sent me off with my 20% coupon to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy the Chefsplanet nonstick oven liner. She uses it for her long arm, but I was able to cut in in half and get two sliders for the price of one!!  For me, that would be one to use and one to mess up(:  again!
Thank you Sherry!!


smazoochie said...

OK, so I've been listening to Leah Day's Craftsy class on free-motion quilting & am only now learning about Teflon bobbin inserts & that slippery surface thingy. How did you put the oven thing on your machine? More photos please. Love your friend's clever ideas!

Dora, the Quilter said...

Is it as slick as the slider? Just wondering.