Friday, January 11, 2013

Links and videos to make you think and make you happy

Wonderful links here...First up is E Quilter's Hurricane Sandy relief---There is so much need still for Hurricane Sandy victims.  Luana's Flickr page shows the destruction and quilts being distributed.  It warms my heart to have been part of it and makes me want to send another one.

On a lighter not there is Pat Bravo and one more of her adorable fabric music them..fabric everywhere.

Thanks to Deb Rowden comes the news that there is a new thrift store video out.  Rapping about Goodwill shopping....ha!  It is a rap song with dirty words...but still fun.

Back to the somber is Quilting in prisons.  Thank you Gefilte Quilts!

And ending with this totally awesome, totally adorable video on teaching your child to sew!

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Melissa said...

Love these! (You know which is my favorite.....)