Monday, January 20, 2014

Oh, no...another one of those days and I am out of M&M's.....

When I was doing my scrap Blue Street quilt, she was practicing hers with fabric she didn't like to try different sizes.  She doesn't want them any more.  I do.

 My cup of tea (even without the chocolate) is to make it fun.  So I took some of Kaffe's orange scroll fabric right sides together and did the triangle good.
 The blocks are all different sizes because that was her challenge...Now, it is mine.  What to do, what to them...That's easy:)  or, float them different sizes?? Or make something else with them, like butterflies or a medallion ??  She refuses to go buy me more M&M's even though she is going right by the store on the way to her exercise.....That's ok...I am sewing now...and I feel better.


smazoochie said...

Channeling your inner RachaelDaisy, I see. ;-)

O'Quilts said... do flatter me so....