Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Stuff

The sun is shining in cold Charlotte today as I eat the last of the Christmas chocolate.  Then, oh, then I have to go with the rest of the sugar loving old ladies to the "healthy eating club"...again.... sigh...
 Of course, since my girl has arrived....I could go for the green smoothie thing...but really, I do not think so....
 Dylan is being so helpful in the quilting room, snipping threads.  

I was working on these little bags, the smallest size..doing an assembly line thing.

It is a great tute and a mindless project.  Just what I need now. Do not get me wrong.  I am grateful to be in the sewing room at all...but secretly I really want to be Rachel at Blue Mountain Daisy.  She is sooo very creative.

My very handy, finished snack bags for the grands.  
 Below...brand new flannel covers for the well used old rice heating pads I made years ago.

Here is my idea of fun...Michele Made Me...Michele, you did a great job!

I just loved doing this quiz.  It was so right on that I did a jaw drop!!
New York Times dialect fun fun quiz posted on Michele's blog...Hearts and Hands  Thank u Muggs for the heads up on this fun one.
And so a good Sunday so far.  The grands are with my sister, my man is in his recliner, homemade Chicken soup is ready for dinner tonight and I am puttering in my sun filled quilting room...a very good day.

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Rachaeldaisy said...

You made me laugh, I'm sitting here looking at your snack pack bag photos thinking that looks like fun , I want to make those - and then I read you want to be doing what I'm doing. Using that logic you Are doing what I would like to be doing! LOL. How cute is Dylan trimming those threads. I'll be impressed if you start drinking Kale milkshakes. I'm off to try that quiz.