Monday, January 6, 2014

The Eight Degree Thing

They say that it has not been 8 degrees in Charlotte in 120 years. We are Southerners, after all.  But.... tonight will be that night.  
 The contractors came this morning to start the renovation of the downstairs bathroom for wheelchair accessibility.  They turned off the electricity/lights and took out the plumbing in preparation for demolition tomorrow.  That also turned off the porch light.  When I go outside, I feel desolate.  It creeps inside of me.  That is how I know that I am still sick.  That is how I know that it is time for bed.
Evan is 8.  He is growing up...according to him.  He did not go to swim camp with his siblings, but wanted a towel anyway.  The grownup towel has the Carolina Panthers on it!!  No sissy stuff for him.
My friend Mary Pat outdid herself...bringing great excitement to our house today.  Old booster seats given new life with her custom made covers.  Thank you MP!!!!
Of course now, the "grownup" children are fighting over them.  All of a sudden, the eight year old really, really needs a booster seat.  Drama!!!
A two hour delay for school tomorrow means a bus pick up at 8 am instead of 6.
Good night, my friends
Love comes in on a jet plane on this Thursday night.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Stay warm and cosy, you can all wrap up in quilts! Those booster seats really have had a boost with those colourful covers.

smazoochie said...

Bless Super Daughter's heart! Coming to save the day!