Monday, January 20, 2014

The Bad and the Good and the.....

The bad...I almost burned the house down tonight...being brain dead(:  Just ugh!!  I put my homemade chicken soup on the stove and turned it on high.  TBTG I was still in the kitchen to see and smell the smoke from the potholder that was stuck on the bottom somehow...burning..smoke...smoke and smoke..rancid and awful.  Thank God no flames.  We opened the windows and turned on the fans and the house still smells disgusting.  Glad that this potholder was made in the older times with blue jeans as the base.  I wonder how Insul-Brite would burn.  The good news is....I did not burn down the house.
 The good news is that Rhonda sent her husband over with yummy, and I mean yummy potatoes and bar-b-cue chicken...she just happened to add these adorable potholders that she made..(just in the nick of time tonight, that is for sure..).Did that ever cheer me up!!!  Yup, it did...Thank you Rhonda. 
 The good yummy this other dinner looks...I found the pix in a magazine and just had to clip it...steak and candy corns...just my style.  the bad news.  I have neither on hand.  The good news...Rhonda saved the day with better stuff.
 More bad news..I looked deep into my scrap bucket for the M&M's I had luck...guess I had already found them on another desperate occasion(:
 Good scrap adventure is shaping up...Butterflies are free...I wonder if it matters what shape the body of the butterfly is....
Good news, Evan relaxing with Zoe after finishing his science experiment.  Results:  no Epson Salts, no Potassium Chloride (de-icing salt)...nothing made pretty colors in the fire. 
 He just has to write it up tomorrow to turn in on Wednesday.  Teacher understands that it is a month late.  She knows we are hanging on a thread around here...ha..but what she doesn't that it is Aurifil..ha ha...funny right?
Tonight I think that the good outweighs the bad...Most of the time it does..just gotta remember the gratitude.


Bridget said...

Sounds like a laugh riot glad your house didn't burn down and that your grandson has an accomodating teacher. Now for that steak and corn. What is the steak made of?

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Diane. Cute butterfly quilt--don't know how you find the time with all you're doing! I have had many a mishap in the kitchen and am famous for burning the dinner...fortunately the house is made of brick and cement and won't catch fire!
Hang in there!
best, nadia

Mary said...

I am so glad the fire did not get out of hand. That had to be scary. You have a great attitude amid the chaos and great friends too! Deep breath and keep on keeping on.