Saturday, April 5, 2014

After 3 and a half months here helping us, and working remotely to her job abroad, my girl has to go home.  Oh, Lordy...I just gotta take a deep breath!!
I am trying to practice the saying of these parts of the country....
"Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you"
I know deep down that we will be ok..
She has set a very high standard for us.
I am trying to celebrate the day instead of. even thinking about tomorrow.  
As they say, one day at a time.
 Who could resist a smile when these two are gardening for me!!


smazoochie said...

I know everyone will miss her, you most of all.
Just a reminder, I know you know, but from a daughter who loves her family from afar, it's hard on the daughter, too.

Rachaeldaisy said...

3 and a half months has flown by so quickly it seems. Those blossoming flowers will colour your days while your daughter goes back to her job abroad.

Barb said...

lovely to have her with with you and sad to see her go I'm sure.
Lovely flowers to remind of them.

Michele Bilyeu said...

What beautiful, beautiful girls. My heart still connects to yours and I think of you often. Now, it is so good to know that happiness came in between all of the cracks and beautiful ladies, flowers, and quilts still abide amidst all of the love filled challenges. They will all return even when they seem to disappear for a while. But, oh, I'm glad they came and filled your home with their sweet presence!

Courtney said...

Oh, I am so sorry she has to go back! She is truly amazing!

Sharon said...

I hope you are surviving now that your daughter has left. I know how much I missed my children when they were far from home. And I know your daughter was such a huge help to you.

What precious girls with the flowers! Don't forget - even with all the problems you face, you are truly blessed as well.