Monday, July 21, 2014

Just Stuff, etc

I love you Ellen, I love you Lee....Lee made tons of yummy homemade chicken soup and delivered it on his way to work...The big ER doctor can cook Katie..guess you got a
And Ellen..bringing me dinner, a hug and chocolate .....
 So my girl insists that if she ever comes home again, she will meet each quilter by the door to confiscate my gifts of M&Ms...ugh...whatever!
Ellen made it through the door just in time.....yes!!!  Emily wants me on green smoothies just like she is...but, really Ellen also brought Basil and cukes from her garden.
 Those things are as good for stress as is chocolate..well..u know that!..


Misc...I think I have lost some blogs...since I am on Bloglovin.  Maybe I am missing some of them on other sites??  What to do??? What to do??
And, Instagram...everyone but me is on it...ugh
Today I saw this on Bee in My Bonnet...My Scrappy Crossroads block
So now....I am just sewing...strips of 2.5 inches..relaxing, but I do feel like an idiot posting without one iota of creativity.
The physical therapist came to see my dear man today .  She showed my sister and me how to transfer Mr.O'Quilts on a shiny transfer board from the bed to the wheelchair and from the wheelchair onto the shower stool.  I could do none of it because of my back.  In the shower, as my sister was practicing the transfer, I felt like fainting watching my man go down like this.
 OMG, Really...Diane..what kind of wife are you?????...sigh...

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Michele Bilyeu said...

Just keep sewing those strips. Sew sew sew. Vent vent vent. Love love love. Sending you both tender hugs that don't hurt.