Friday, July 11, 2014

Keeping on keeping on, again and still...

  Day three of process...I saved myself tons of trouble by going to Hancock for a package of double fold black bias binding...$1.28 with coupon vs. my sanity...a no brainer!!!
And then there was the Elmer's glue.....Life is good:)
The ALS clinic ordered a new air mattress for Mr. O'Quilts.  Electric, it moves all night to keep him from developing decubitus. He now struggles turning over in bed.  Here, two of the grands enjoy the new style.

ALS is an expensive disease.  Himself wanted sheets that slide to help him transfer. The support group suggested 610 to 800 count Egyptian cotton sheets. Well....I found them for $185...Good Lord!!!  With coupons I bought them for $100...but still...OMG...
At the end of the day, I would do anything for my dear man.
 Here they are in yellow.  I had to buy queen size because nothing so smooth comes in extra long for the hospital bed...that I could find anyway..  I could cut them down...will see how it far, so good.  They are easier for him, as promised.
And so it goes...each day a new beginning.
ps...Lynsey asked me tonight if I had finished her dress and doll dress to match...Jeeze Louize..I probably should not have shown her the pattern...My energy level is a bit low at this time...(:


Holee said...

If you have an "Ollie's" I have gotten 600 ct sheet sets for under $30.00. Sometimes they are seconds and sometimes closeouts.

Holee said...

bad morning, that should have read 800 ct.

Debby said...

Check out Ollies next time for sheets, it's a hit or miss but they have some good deals :)