Thursday, July 3, 2014


 The babysitter put the kids to bed tonight. I am back from my meeting and I am determined to sew.  Well....It is now 10ish and I am playing Free Cell...hmm....So I think I will show some happiness on my blog.
First up...another big thank you to our Muggs for the R and R at her new beach house.  We talked about using up every single  piece of here is my thank you postcard.
I took tiny scraps from the sewing room trash can, spread some school glue on a postcard size of card stock and smooshed the fabric pieces on the glued piece.  I free motioned the card to death, glued two more pieces of card stock and did a bit of zigzag to the edges.  Voila a much fun.
Here is Mugg's quilt top from the retreat:  Is not this the perfect quilt for a beach house???  After the borders, she is on to a beach ball quilt...Gotta love Muggs.
 Below is the quilt top finished by my goodhearted sister.  She is giving this quilt to a 10 year old son of a man who helped her fix her air conditioner for free.  She had the child pick out the pattern...Oh, sister...!!
 For 15 years I have had this group meet at my house.  I have served Irish soda bread and tea.  Now my dear man can no longer swallow the soda bread and I do not have it in me to make it any more.  My group has decided to share who brings the treat...Of course it was Muggs jumping in to save the day...Isn't this pretty!! and happy!!
 I told myself this morning that today I would eat healthy..but here I am with a beer and some of those cookies...ooooo
 My grand darlings are here picking their  beans.
 She is washing them and pinching the ends.. I cooked them up with butter and they were quite a treat...all gone now,. more pride.
 I bought these little pitchers at Walmart for 99 cents each so the children can pour their own milk on cereal  weekends so I can sleep in.  How fun is this Forth of July milk ready in the fridge to surprise them in the morning!!
 Someone was disrespectful today..just a little.  But consequences were 10 minutes of work when he got home.  I know how to use that one...He weeded part of the garden so the cukes could grow...and the surprise here!! our first cuke.!!  He did a good job, so I told sweat was rolling off his brow..that maybe being disrespectful was not so bad after all.if I could get my garden weeded..Oh, no Grandma...I will try harder...ha!
The magic of friendship and family to sustain me. There is joy to be found every day.
As an aside....


Rachaeldaisy said...

There's so many lovely things in this post. Your smooshed fabric looks like mixed paint, what a great effect! How wonderful are you're garden helpers, I like your way of teaching respect. I've seen 4th of July quilts but never milk like that, what a fun surprise!!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I can tolerate a host of disrespect to get all the chores done...ROFL.