Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More Pix from the Beach R & R

Tonight's quilting brought another finished project from the beach.  Sherry with her new I-pad cover and coin purse to match.  (Marie is being hidden due to the fact that she is knitting!!!!)
 Drenna couldn't come to the beach, but she was not idle...Her car key fob broke.  Saving money she used the netting from grocery store garlic to fashion a new holder...Purple of course...we know Drenna.

 Still creating, she made laminate snack bags (with ripstop and velcro).
  We use some like these daily for camp snacks at our house...
Not only did we laugh and do show and tell...But, my friends  moved furniture to accommodate the Mr.'s wheelchair, transferred laundry, did dishes replaced ceiling lights and put up with my grateful.
Terri missed us so much that she emailed her show and tell....Yeah Terri!
Beth brought food for the kids and soup and tapioca for my man, flowers for me!!!
BUT, the best news of all was a call from Frank that Jean's Non-Hodgkins lymphoma is highly treatable..
 How in the world can I be weak with friends like these!!!


http://thankfullga447 said...

I am so glad you got spoiled.

Barb said...

great projects