Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday comes and Saturday goes

Michael took Evan today for the weekend.  I love you Michael.
My sister took the other two grandchildren this afternoon to spend the night. I love you Charmaine.
I slept all afternoon.  I slept sitting up in the recliner watching sports with my husband and reading a book.  Unfortunately, I remember nothing of the TV nor of the book.
My husband said that I snored for 3 hours.  Really???  There must be something wrong with me...who does that??
Evidently I have become an old lady snoring in a chair.
There is an outside chance he has a vivid imagination????
 Since I slept so much, I will be up into the wee hours.  Instead of being morose as these hours tempt me, I am making myself sew.  It is working.  I am thrilled to be this far along with this pattern.  Now I just need the borders, the embellishment and the piecing of the backing.
Granddaddy slept in this morning leaving Lynsey and me alone.  She announced that she had opened a restaurant because she keeps getting fired from her other jobs?%#*^.  She picked the beans and tomatoes from our backyard and set up the tea party. 
 Good gracious, that five year old girl is some story teller!!

 More stuff...when Muggs comes home and we all have another outing, dropping into Harbor Freight is a must....I will buy washers there for my newest project..yo yo pattern weights.
Hopefully this will be soon, as Lynsey is all about her new dress pattern..
Lordy,.She cannot grasp how exhausted this grandmother is.


Rachaeldaisy said...

You made me laugh with your phrase "Old lady who snores". How sweet and funny is Lynsey opening up a restaurant . The table looks lovely set with flowers, green beans and tomatoes. Yo Yo patterns weight is a brilliant idea, I love yo yos I hope you get some good restful sleep soon.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Your quilt is coming along nicely!!! I consider it working too....cuz if you are are not snoring (he must have a very vivid imagination cuz I just can't imagin' it)!

Love, Love, Love your grand daughter and her tea party. I want a little girl to have a tea party much fun and great memories.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Oh, lovely granddaughter..and she had the wonderful and very vivid imagination, as well! I had to read your last few posts to my husband who is downstairs trying to do his Sudoku puzzle. I am lucky to have him in his condition which is quite good since his April stroke. I am blessed it was not worse. You are blessed you are even doing what you are doing. You are an amazing woman, morose or snoring.