Sunday, May 10, 2015


Befuddled me is taking blocks out of project boxes and working on them.
....not finishing them...
..I put away both the London and the Civil War tops without the last borders!?!
I took this out instead.  I love this quilt...IF it is made by someone else.  I do not have the kind of mind to make the zigzags go in the right direction like Sujata Shah.
I have nine more blocks to make...grrrr

Work friends of Mr.O'Quilts came Saturday.  Jason and Pat fixed the screens on our porch and Deb did the tires on the bikes...See how they still love Mr O..too.
....even after he has gone!!

Look what my friend Peggy at AAA sewing shoppe  did for us...She embroidered the grands' names on their karate bags...Never more than a day or two wait for any kind of machine fixing at Peggy's.,
The Janome capital of the world Carolinas.

Both my children came to see me today.  I was so excited, that I could not keep my mouth shut.
I had to shout it from the doorway..I can no longer get onto the rooftop.
 They took a picture of me with the children too..holding flowers.
But I deleted it
I looked like a 67  year old grandma instead of the beauty that I am!!!
And, my thighs showed quite clearly 22 months worth of M&Ms and vino tinto.
Goodness is two hours alone to read on the screened in porch and doze off like an old lady.  
I think Abigail Thomas is my new favorite writer..She feels like family.
Emily took the kids on their scooters and bikes with the dog on an adventure.
Happy Mother's Day, she said!

I love you my dear daughter.
She is bringing back Chinese food.
I love you my dear daughter.

Now I hear that a bottle tree is not supposed to have leaves on it.  Then the evil spirits can still find you.
My bottle tree did not get the message in time.

I write notes to Mr. O'Quilts into my smart phone..things he needs to know.
I am making my old office, his old bedroom...into an extension of my quilting room
I am wearing my old crocs to weddings and funerals.
I am doing what I feel like doing..eccentricity and me..a comfortable couple..

I heard today, in the wind...that I too might die someday.
It is probably Tropical Storm Ana making mischief roaring now into the Carolinas.
I am no longer whistling.
Instead of my love,
I have Rin Tin Tin and a shot gun on the back of my door.
Just kidding., although I was brought up in Arizona!


Gisela Suski said...

Happy Mother's Day.

smazoochie said...

I hope you had a good Mother's Day. All these "firsts" are hard to handle, I am sure. But as you have said, one day at a time, one foot in front of the other.
And you are so surrounded by love.

p.s. I like your zigzags!

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Your zigzags are amazing. Such fun.