Monday, May 4, 2015

Love revisited....Cotton and Steel

When I started my Cotton and Steel quilt, it was all about bravery while soft, strength while vulnerable and truth...I had thought it would encourage me on.
Alas..I am such a slow work in process(WIP)... I put the top away.
Then Rachel got married...and I knew she and Alesa were definitely Cotton and Steel...
How perfect!
I have always felt that a quilt is not finished until the binding is on..a binding can change the whole ambiance of a quilt...never mind a cool backing...
So here is love...finished and revisited...for Rachel and Alesa!!
The backing even has chocolate chip cookies on
 The label...."I believe in miracles"
.I put a Chuppah over the Madonna.(not shown here...added later:)
..I felt it was the right thing to do for this wedding quilt!!

Yesterday's wedding was so awesome...I really loved it...till I went south emotionally. myself..that is..
It was outside on a lake in the beautiful Carolina blue.
Abundance of love.
See the awesome wedding cake that made my mouth drool:
 Today is a new day...going back to sleep and with God's help I will awaken in a good mood!!
Yes....success..Thank you God.
 .I was able to have lunch with a to go to the pool for exercise.
And, tonight, gratefully, Emi-Lou's cafe is open with cooking lesson # two for 9 year old Evan.

Voila the rose garden.  Picture is for my brother-in-law, Declan who cut them back during his February visit...of course under Fintan's supervision,.

It is nice to know that love and hope are intertwined...maybe I  will not die of a broken heart after all..maybe


Barb said...

lovely garden photos -
wonderful quilt
and beautiful wedding cake and flowers.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I knew your cotton and Steel quilt would come together and be the wonderful quilt it was meant to be. I particularly love your label. The wedding sounds lovely. The roses in your garden are beautiful and so abundant.

smazoochie said...

The magic of fabric & quilting -- it helped you in a time of crisis & is now making a newly married couple happy.
A blessing to all.

earthwalker quilts said...

Beautiful roses and Cotton and Steel is a wonderful quilt, love the label...very special and a touch of genius. I think Quilters don't have broken hearts, but ones with many patches, with beautiful bits, ordinary bits and held together much like a crazy quilt, sometimes with threads of gold....

Teresa said...

Love your quilt and the roses.