Friday, May 8, 2015

Struggling to Reframe my day...

Wednesday I finished this top..just in time for my IQ group to baste it.
FYI  Zoe approves.
This quilt is a no-think quickie from 2 sale pkgs of charms online.  A no-think sale...hmmm because I did not look carefully enough to notice that each pkg only contained 20 pieces instead of 40. half of it is my own..better anyway.
 Pulled out another UFO...I have 3 boxes of Civil War fabric...but, of course, I do not have enough white and yellow...of course..of course. I am anxious to work on this group quilt of mine..full of love
Monday night Emi-lou cafe cooking school:
Green beans and barbecue chicken..the quickie lesson between bike rides!!
 For my Blue Belt darlings...making Ninja bites...healthy peanut butter balls for snack.
Strawberry season in North Carolina
May 5th could not go by without a tiny memorial birthday party for my mother.
                                        My sister brought some cupcakes and we sang a tune...
 Blogging, quilting, grands, family,friends are saving my life..
However...I do have anxiety.
Where is my man when I need him so...Did I do it all right for him...I am so exhausted I can barely get out of bed...Summer camp scholarships have not come out yet...Three children cost $6000 to go to summer camp..Can they go...can they not...It is soo much stress.  Death certificates mailed out, utility bills put in my name..what to do with clothes in his closet?? Netflix still says Welcome Fintan, instead of Welcome Diane...
 There is another funeral for Mr.O'Quilts in Ireland soon..His ashes went back with his sisters.
My girl is will I survive without her...etc..and blah blah blah
I am missing today with anxious grief.
Pretty bad when I am too befuddled to drive to the fabric store....

Mrs.O'Quilts is now going to be brave and carry on.
Big package just arrived...Maybe it is the big girl panties????
Now..I am going out into the beautiful day:)
Thank  you for listening..xxoo


Mary said...

Your "no-think quilt" looks great and you are right to think adding from your own stash makes it better. As for the rest, all you can do is take it one step at a time and try not to second guess yourself.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I like that quilt a lot, you manage to make such varied styles. I think your man is proud of the way you are coping with everything.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Each day has to be one tiny thing at a time. Looking ahead is too much. When you find your new place in this new world, the anxiety will ease. Keep as busy as you can to keep the depression at bay. If he had life insurance camp will be taken care of. I think it must be an East coast thing. Something my three never had but would have loved if we could have paid for it. If not, yours are loved and cherished and you just need your own summer camp breaks. Hugs to you. We never stop thinking and caring for you and all you are going through.

smazoochie said...

I've never down this path, so I have nothing real to offer.
Try not to look to far ahead, it will be overwhelming, day by day, even hour by hour is good enough. Celebrate your successes -- I am sure there are more than you think.
Always! I am thinking if you & yours.

earthwalker quilts said...

Great quilt....and hey, you are doing a remarkable job...all I see is happy kids, healthy food (those strawberries look divine) and projects in the pipe-line. As suggested thing at a steps. I think you've already got your 'big girl pants' on. All the best from Western Australia x

ES said...

The blue and orange is looking just fantastic. You just keep putting one foot in front of the other, those grand children of yours will be so grateful if everything you do for them. You are a super star. I'm sure you will have lots if worries, I'm sure it feels overwhelming. We'll done for achieving even small things each day - and this post looks like you have been achieving lots recently and we all admire you.