Thursday, September 19, 2019

One Happy Day

The first fall day of 2019!!
Ten place mats for Meals on Wheels, Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild
17 scrap pot holders for Christmas.
My brother, Raymond, lost one of his favorite cats...Angel..yesterday.
RIP Angel...My bro is so upset.  Angel was 12 and died of kidney failure.
My brother and his wife have 12 cats left.
Zoe is 12...She sleeps with my son in the second sewing room, Eamon's sofa bed.!!
All night long I have been searching for Stitch...Calling outside, checking under beds, etc.
Here he is...useless to be annoyed....Stitch is his own man!!!
My patriotic table a distance thru my second sewing room/ my son's bedroom
I love this...I will tweak it a bit..I am happy for this update.
This weekend, I am going to use this to dye a polyester blouse.
Stay tuned.

Our Sit and Sew on Tuesday turned into a surprise birthday party for Terri.
Sherry gave her this lovely scarf.
Terri appliqued her fall door hanging.
Felt and wool
Terri's other Show and Tell...quilt as you go.

Today I went to my wonderful grief therapist.
I took myself to my Mexican lunch.
I went to Marshalls to relax.
Then into the pool to exercise.
My Wednesday quilting group came tonight.
Laughing and eating...They helped me snip the threads
for the finished potholders and placemats.
Funny how life goes...One day can be dark despair..
The next so happy and happy.

I have discovered, for the first time ever...ever..that groceries cost money.
OMG a five person household on a fixed income...
Jeeze Louize...last week I bought those bottles of Cranberry-mango, etc drinks.
I bought 10 of one/ get one free.
Today I looked for one to mix with my seltzer water...
Bingo...ALL GONE!!!!
How can that be....???
All three children have become great eaters...
I learn something new about finances...every day.
My dear man would be proud of me.
Stephanie back in her she is sick with a blood infection...

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