Saturday, September 14, 2019

Crabby Grandma O'Quilts and Her Fun Day

Tonight, I am missing my mother and grandmother....
Here they are on the porch in Miami
They were probably 60 and 85 years old...back then..
My family tells it like it is!!!
Had a lovely lunch a helpful physical therapy this morning.
I love my physical therapists sooo much.
Since the dollar tree was next door to the restaurant...
I found this treat for Lynsey's desk.  That girl is a leader!!
Potholders...Below is a small hand stitched Mola from Panama.
I bought it at the Panama City airport probably 40 years ago.
Because I have so much stuff...I have decided to make it into a mug-rug.
Our Kathylynn at Wednesday night quilting..
Her aprons for gifting..Her Show and Tell

Our outside.  The minute I go inside,
Boo is at the door crying to come in..
He is so afraid of his shadow.  He was named Boo because he is a white ghost!!
And, we got him near Halloween, but really...BOO!!!  He is a scaredy-cat.
Our Stitch...the quilting cat..sitting beside me on watch.
He keeps the quilting room safe.
Stitch loves sewing machines too..
And my OCD son, on finding  8 different bags of sugar in the pantry!!
Oh, well...I told him that if I cannot find it, I have to buy another...

On the way to Ala-teen tonight, my son asked the long
they thought it would take to get Grandma upset.
They all started to scream and bang in the car. 
I was furious, but I did not show it.
Once home, I asked for my space, did not talk,,,and sewed in my sewing room
with the company of Alexa and Johnny Mathis...

Everyone else went to bed, wondering why Grandma could not take a joke.
  It must be bed time for me.

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Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Ha ha ha, love your son's reaction. That's a lot of different bags;).

Mystic Quilter said...

That's a lot of bags of sugar!! Isn't it nice to have a little furry four legged friend keeping you company whilst you sew. I would have been furious too Diane if the car incident had happened to me. Hope you've now recovered!