Monday, September 2, 2019


Preparing for Sit and Sew...There are 3 this month...but two are on the same day  UGH
This was fun using up all the "made" fabric...some from 35 years ago.(above)
Below, random strips...
The children and I filled charm sized squares with rice.
Five bags of rice a third full.
We used clips to hold the hole closed.
Here we are...95 hand warmers/or ice bags.
All ready to be sewn closed on the sewing machine.
I am behind on the holiday prep thing..
.I have not even started to cut the tissue holder fabric..
Look at what I pulled preparation of Queen Bee in a few...
I have had the Go Accuquilt for at least 10 years....never used it for piecing..
only for some  It has just been sitting around..
In deference to all my WIPs and UFOs..
.I am starting something new..
Here is Rosie...guard Portland.
She is looking for me!!!!
Soon, Rosie, soon!!

In the background I see my antique star quilt.
and under the fan on the right, I glimpse the table I bought in Morocco
many many moons to see the stuff in my daughters house.
Exhausted me came home from grocery shopping.
Out came my army...they had seen me coming..
All three children and my son.
With no fuss at all and in no time,
everything was brought in and put away.
Amazing...all without me.
There is a certain grandma feeling so blessed... 

Kids in the backyard with their scooters...
Glad I have a big yard...
Granddaddy left them a lovely ramp for sliding.

Today, Lynsey and I played the timer game.
I set the timer for 30 min...she cleaned her room and I cleaned my sewing room.
She was finished in 15 min...
Sigh....I guess you know the rest of the story.
I found sooo many treats under my mess piles, that sewing seemed the next best thing to do.
Gotta just love a quilter!!


dutchcomfort said...

that sounds like a very busy but satisfying day! Those ‘older’ fabrics still look fantastic!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Aren't you having a great day! The hand warmers are looking great. It's good to have helping hands. I love days when everyone works together, even the dog. And how have you been not using such a useful tool as the cutter? It's saved me many hours, especially that particular die.