Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Defer to the Needle and Thread.....

OMG...You know how I really love Pat Bravo!!!  She accepts all kind of women with love...she is an artist in every way...She is the best...Check out her latest Vimeo!!!

And then there is my sister...an artist in her own right...She has been working on this consignment piece forever.  This pix does not give it justice....and even this top is not finished.  Each of these baby dresses are vintage from the 30's...a collection of a friend's mother.  Painstakingly and artistically, my sister has put them on the quilt.  Borders are coming.  No one would make this quilt but my sister...so much work and such a family heirloom...Just sharing.

My man and I had a terrible day today.  Day two of neurological testing, exhausting.  Then the doc ordered a medication that at the end of the day costs $1000 a month out of pocket pay.  For once, I am speechless...going to bed.


Courtney said...

Beautiful quilt! So sorry about your terrible day. Did you see the story about the brothers from Charlotte who quit practicing medicine to make a free app (myrx I think) because they believe they can help more that way? It finds the cheapest pharmacy for any medicine. They thought, as did I, if you had insurance medicines were about the same anywhere you went. Funny, some of the bigger ones, like Walmart, charge the most for drugs. My mom just found one of her medicines at a small pharmacy in southpark for $26 and she had been paying $180 at target or by mail through medco with her insurance. Just an idea! Best of luck!

Sharon said...

I hope your days are getting better. Medical testing is exhausting and No Fun. And the price of medicine!! I was prescribed some pills one time that, with insurance, were still over $1000! I called the doc's office and complained, and they found a pharmacy that would mix up the concoction as a liquid. Even that was over $100.

Courtney is right - it pays to shop around for your meds. My Dr. told me she has many patients that go to different pharmacies for different Rx's, as each was different $ for the same drug. My insurance co. said the same thing. Just F.Y.I.

The little dresses quilt is just magnificent. Kudos to your sister!