Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Chaotic, Hilarious, Scary and Fun...Family Birthday Party

.....The Occasion.....
Evan turned 8...a cause for celebration for sure...He decided to decorate his cake with great, great Grandma's vintage animal candle holders.  His mother used the vintage frosting recipe, for the first time ever,  with yummy success.
 From fun to....Dylan, age 3, deciding to ride his bike down the steep driveway right into my car.  One bloody nose and one puffy face and mucho blood...Being my son's son...he wanted a re-play...Not.!  Here is  his sister with the tomatoes she picked from Granddaddy's garden.
 Again....again...jeeze louize...again.... Thank goodness my son was here...He insists it was a Copperhead.  Lynsey, age 4 found it while picking the beans she had planted.
 Some found the excitement too much...Here they are...including Zoey....what ever!!!  on the bench waiting for the snake to be taken care of.  You notice that this photographer is snapping the picture from inside the house.
My daughter-in-law is a piece of work...actually so is my son...a relationship made in heaven.  I taught her to   sew when I first met her 10 years ago.  She was 18 and took to the machine like no one I had ever known.  In 4 hours she had her first quilt made.  And, in 40 some years of quilting, she is the only one who has ever made me a quilt...Then she had children...many..three..and did not look at the machine for years.  
Today, she brought a pregnant friend to the birthday party.  The friend really wanted me to make her a bag with her child's name on I told her to pick out some fabric.

Amazing.....I overheard my darling daughter-in-law giving the fabric choice instructions...."You need a dark, medium and a light", she said.   As for how you pick all that out...."You just squint your eyes and that's how you tell".  Ha ha....Here they are glimpsed through the glass door picking out the heart!!  PS...our Stasi is in the green shirt with the shamrocks on it.
 .Friends are such a good thing!!! 
The condition for making the bag is that the girls get together and each made me a four patch....we will see.....
 The confession.  Do you notice anything unusual about my new office I relate to Beth's post or do I not????
Happy Birthday Evan.  Your grandparents love you and they are early to bed...way early....age is upon them.


smazoochie said...

Looks like you had a fun day -- well, except for the snake. {cold shivers}
Yes, I think we are Stash Sisters.

Unknown said...
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