Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday's stuff

Joy today as Mr.O'Quilts sat in the garage at his wood turning station making seam rippers for his dearly beloved wife:)  Lucky me!
 The center where I do my water classes is always looking for donations, etc.  For the fall bazaar, I usually make 10 potholders.  They sell them for $6 each which is a $60 donation.  I think that that is great as I am a potholder queen....there being nothing more relaxing than making a funky potholder
The one below comes from a cut up jacket I got at Stein Mart years ago.  The star is leftover fusible hand dye from a Laura Wasilowski workshop.
 Always working on improving my cool and awesome new sewing room, I found these clear clip on pots from Michael's clearance section for 99 cents.  I love them because they are clear.  However, the sticky adhesive when removing the label, was just awful...Tipnut had some tips..ha....I used both peanut butter on one and mayonnaise on another.  So far mayonnaise is the winner...not perfect..but good enough to get it off. 
Doing a little experimentation in my sewing room.  Do not tell anyone:) 
Then there was this highlight of my day...It was ..
unbelievable that I could  just get this pix from my girl.  She is working on her quilt in her apt in Cork, Ireland and sent this to me by her phone...Can u believe it???


Michele Bilyeu said...

Loved everything you or hubby did in this post! And here I thought I was the potholder queen..I may borrow your crown from time to time;) Fabulous projects!

smazoochie said...

I can't get my turner to make me a seam ripper -- so yes, Lucky You indeed!
I love how your love of patchwork is continuing with your daughter & daughter-in- law. Daughter's patchwork is beautiful.
Lotion is also good at removing sticky adhesive.