Friday, October 4, 2013

More love..lucky, lucky me..

My birthday is in December.  I think my friends were confused, because at Guild the other night I received presents presents, support presents, laughing presents.   Starting with Beth who bestowed on me what I thought was the grim reaper, cuz that is where my mind is lately.  Instead it is the grim ripper!!!  Is that not hilarious!!!!  Is Beth not very kind and clever to have made this for me.  Tonight...I am slow...we had a great laugh..Thank you Beth.
 Then came Kathy...who made a beautiful holder for my Diet Coke...Ok, so I ran out of Diet Coke....loving this Kathy. Thank you...

 Karen gave me a book on organization for my newly renovated sewing room...Thank you Karen. 
 And Drenna...who said that this fabric reminded her of me.   I am speechless Drenna....cannot imagine what you were
 Charlotte, my cat loving wonderful
 And the love of another generation of fabric lovers.
I am blessed.   xxoo to all my dear friends.  Thank you.  You make me happy when skies are blue.

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