Sunday, September 21, 2014

Can You Believe it...and Prince Pat

Friends are sometimes just sunshine on a cloudy day...Block two for Muggs at the beach house.
Cousin Ann and Cousin Pat have gone home to London.  In their wake are such good feelings and uplifted souls.  We totally love Ann...but Prince Pat takes the cake.  Can you believe that he fixed things in the house, made us dinner, took the kids to Karate and to McDonald's afterwards...alone!!!  And, then...He told us to go for a girls' night out to dinner while he watched the fort. Unbelievable and amazing.  Talk about caregiver respite. I was totally relaxed, and that hardly ever happens any more.  There are not many folks who can make it happen like that .  A big thanks to Ann and Pat.  We love you so.
 Can you believe it...I have TWO finishes...I am so glad, as I am way, way behind on baby quilts and other gifts...way way behind.

 Of course the whole crew helped with the snipping...and only two holes were
  Em took the two oldest to the apple orchard they are with apple donuts and apple cider..Nice to have a wonderful auntie:)
Mr.O'Quilts told me today that now his arms are getting weaker and holding his soup bowl is harder.  Now, he has to put the bowl on the table and lean over to it.  He came in to the quilting room to give me a kiss and he said that I would have to stand up to get it, because if he leaned forward, his core muscles are so wasted, that he would fall out of the wheelchair.  Believe me I jumped for it, a kiss is nice anyway you can get it!


smazoochie said...

The loving support that surrounds you warms my heart.

Rachaeldaisy said...

3 cheers for Pat and Ann!!! Apple donuts and apple cider would put a smile on my face too, but not as much as a loving kiss from a dear husband.
I love your quilts too, such wonderful colour, and fun fabrics. How fun that you have snipping helpers.

Barb said...

such a cute sailboat block! Love your family photos. So nice that they helped and only two holes - you're too funny. what a good sense of humor!