Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Adreneline Rush

I do not want anyone to think that I am a slacker...hmmm...So last night my wonderful Wednesday night group basted these two quilt tops that I finished.  TBTG, Adreneline gets me quilting...sometimes..(:
 This is the backing
 Voila, the remnants of a special quilt I have not shown yet....Here are the, already in a quilt
 and the backing.
 My son has earned a few hours out of his treatment program.  Here we are in a well received visitation.
 Little Missy here does well in Karate...good thing, says Granddaddy....because she is a bit full of herself!!
Mr. O'Quilts had his first fall today.  He was transferring in the bathroom and boom onto the floor.  TBTG my daughter was here...It took the three of us to get him onto the potty as his legs do not work at all..being dead weight.  His bulbar area is now affected with the ALS.  He can no longer project his voice, so I did not hear him as I worked in the kitchen, when he called out to me. 
 As they say, "All's well as ends well".... and it did end well. 
 However, the adreneline is still going strong in all of us as we enter a new phase where I no longer feel that my man can safely be left alone.


Rachaeldaisy said...

I'm glad all ended well , and happy your daughter is there. It great to see your son is doing well too, what a lovely photo of him with the children. Your quilts are wonderful, vibrant , scrappy and fun pieced backings. And the hint if a secret special quilt too...
Hugs to you!!

Holee said...

Love the quilts! Your yard is just so pretty. Kids look happy with the Daddy visit. Granddaughter is just too cute!

As for Mr.O, ALS is so hard on everyone in the family. Bless you all on this journey.

Dora, the Quilter said...

To say I'm saddened by that fall communicates almost nothing of what I feel. Do you think maybe you could find some kind of chime for him to ring to call you? Most other possibilities have such ugly sounds.

ES said...

The quilts are looking fab! I'd love close up photos too :)

Kate said...

Your blog posts are always my favorite ones to read. You make me laugh and cry and then laugh again. Loved seeing the grandkids with their daddy. So many challenges you all face - but clearly with loads of strength, love, hope and humor. Sending big hugs to everybody and can't wait to see you all soon. XXOO

smazoochie said...

As the others have said above, Your Story is Our Story -- the heartbreak & the points of bright light & the lesson to take it all as it comes to us & to try to let the joy ease the pain.
Hugging you.

Barb said...

so sorry to hear about the fall :(
how nice of your group to baste your quilts -
cute family photo! what cute kids