Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cousin Ann from London town...She is here!!

 Last year when cousin Ann came..she had never even dreamed of quilting.  One year she is visiting accomplished quilter!!!  Yeah!! another convert...She showed up today fresh in from London with her man and a quilt she had made for me.  How wonderful is this, no one hardly ever makes a quilt for me...

 She even did a creative backing.
 And, a creative label!!
 A mouse pincushion present from Liberty..Thank you soooo much.  I love you Ann.
 Next convert is Kristen, the sitter....the quilt room organizer...the brilliant senior in high school who is steadily amassing enough college credits for free at the junior college.  I gave Kristen my scrap basket..soon she showed up with these scrap blocks stuffed in her jeans pocket.  I love you Kristen!!!

Thank you Emily for the funny!!
And...ES...You know how I appreciate your comments.  Email me pls so I have your email address.  Also, if you click on any picture you will get a close up of it.
Today fall favorite season...The first crisp bit of air after a gruesome summer.  Hope!!!


smazoochie said...

Preach! Adding sheep to our Quilting Flock!
Lovely quilt from your cousin & wonderful blocks from your organizer.
Only fall-ish here, it has been sticky summer.

Holee said...
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Holee said...

The new quilter looks so proud of her accomplishment and how wonderful for her to give it to you!

Kristen is making a quilt like I made! It's an orphan block quilt..I call mine "Befuddled" so now she needs a good name for hers!

It's fall like here too. I haven't put the suet feeder out yet but all the woodpeckers have come to the patio looking for it.

Sharon said...

Wow! A quilt for you! That's wonderful. Pretty too!

And yay! Two new quilters, thanks to you. The more the merrier!

Barb said...

how lovely to receive a quilt! Its wonderful and the backing is so creative!
Hooray for fall - I love it too

beth said...

What a lovely gift! Your love of quilting is contagious.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Love the quilt love ..... it is beautiful and so are the ladies holding it.

I'm tickled you got the sitter to start sewing too....isn't it fun? I just shipped 12 lbs of fabric to my youngest daughter now she has caught the quilting virus too.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Yay!! More quilters!! Anna quilt is wonderful and I bet she stitched lots of love and hugs into it. Kristens off to a great start with those scrappy blocks. Happy firsts days of fall.